Why your agency should offer Marketing Automation and CRM implementation services

Most small and even large businesses have a tough time choosing and implementing CRM systems for automating their marketing and sales processes. 

For the most part, some play the guessing game with hopes of striking gold. Others take a step further by signing up for CRM & marketing automation software—without the slightest idea how to make the most of it.

Nonetheless, these brands have one thing in common; a desire to maximize time, resources, and energy while moving their leads seamlessly through their sales funnels. 

A need arises

The challenges that come with a traditional (non-automated) sales and marketing process are enormous. 

  • Poor lead tracking and nurturing.
  • Inconsistencies in data usage.
  • Human error.
  • Difficulty with lead segmentation.
  • Ineffective lead scoring strategies.

These challenges have a way of disrupting growth and slowing down scalability. 

Most companies would opt for specialized CRM & marketing automation software. So what is stopping them? 

60% of the respondents from a survey conducted in 2017 agreed that lack of knowledge and know-how hindered their implementation of CRM and marketing automation for their businesses.

Most times, it is not enough for a company to have access to CRM and marketing automation software alone. Having an agency that offers CRM and marketing automation implementation as a service goes a long way to maintain maximum profitability.

More companies are catching on to the immense benefits of specialized skills and CRM and marketing automation implementation services. This creates a need for agencies that offer such services.

An opportunity for value creation

As an agency, you have an opportunity to provide value by offering CRM and marketing automation implementation services. Providing this service helps you assist companies in dire need of long-term marketing automation strategies and implementation.

It may be for companies with no automation at all or companies struggling to make theirs work. Either way, your services will help alleviate the pain of the former and improve the results of the latter.

Five reasons why you should offer marketing automation implementation services

As the needs of your customers evolve, your agency is required to come up with more innovative ways of delivering results. 

Offering CRM and marketing automation implementation services is mutually beneficial to both your agency and its customers. Here are five reasons why you should consider offering this service:

1. It is an uncommon service offering that sets your agency apart

It is uncommon to find agencies that offer CRM and Marketing Automation implementation services in addition to traditional SEO and web design services. 

This vacuum in the market creates an opportunity for your agency to stand out from the crowd with a unique in-demand service offering.

A large percentage of agencies in your niche, stop at only building websites and writing content. However, there will always be those who need the specialized services of experts who can turn the leads generated by the website into customers through CRM and automation. . Think of it as going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Offering an uncommon service like CRM and marketing automation implementation sets you apart from the competition and makes it easy to lock in loyal customers.

2. It creates client lock-in

Imagine a first-time client reaching out to your agency for your CRM and marketing automation services. They are likely using manual processes and may have tried dozens of CRM and marketing automation software with no remarkable success.

You go on to create a well-tailored CRM and marketing automation implementation strategy that far exceeds their expectations. For the first time, they are now able to:

  • Effectively and efficiently capture leads.
  • Organize and segment captured leads.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Boost sales and conversions.
  • And do a lot of fantastic stuff they could not otherwise do before contacting you.

Chances are they will become dependent on your services, making it somewhat difficult for them to work without your agency. Opting out from such service will mean a decline in their conversions, and overall, a more tedious workflow. 

The dream of every agency is to create an experience so worthwhile that it locks its clients in.

It is rare to find agencies going above and beyond generating leads but also building the systems to convert them into customers. You increase your chances of creating immense customer loyalty when you do.

3. It creates lucrative sources of recurring revenue

Growth involves coming up with innovative ideas that create lucrative sources of recurring revenue for your agency. In this case, offering a complimentary service for marketing automation is one of such ideas.

As noted earlier, offering a service that provides high-value solutions for businesses keeps consumers locked in and constantly coming back to your agency for repeat transactions. 

For example, you might create a monthly retainer service that includes a monthly check-in call, lead & conversions report, as well as the implementation of follow-up strategies for things like holiday promotions, as well as ongoing funnel optimization.

4. Improved customer experience

A poll conducted by Accenture showed that 91% of the 8000 consumers surveyed said that they are more likely to do business with brands that remember, recognize, and provide them with relevant recommendations and offers.

Modern consumers want tailored experiences that show that you recognize their individuality and unique needs. That means less generalized options and more personalized marketing automation strategies for businesses and brands. 

Your automation services will begin with an in-depth study of your customer’s specific needs. This is followed by an assessment and recommendation of streamlined solutions to meet those needs. 

The objective is for your agency to create a better customer experience through your marketing automation service. Such satisfactory experiences are likely to serve as powerful references that differentiate you from your competition.

5. Specialized skills and service

Nothing beats being able to create value while offering specialized skills and services. 

Honing in on these skills increases your capacity for growth as an agency because it keeps you up-to-date and relevant within your niche. Your specialized skills and marketing automation services also make you a more competitive option for prospective clients. 

6. Upsell past and existing clients

By adding CRM and Marketing Automation services to your agency offerings, you unlock an opportunity to reach out to past clients, or even existing clients to upsell them into your new service.

Rather than having to go out and find new clients, you can email everyone on your roster, schedule a call, and walk through what a potential CRM and marketing automation strategy might look like!

If they think it’s a fit, you just double, maybe even tripled the lifetime value of that client.

Wrapping Up

Building websites, content creation, and SEO are needed services, but to go above and beyond and stand out you need something others can’t offer.

Offering CRM and Marketing Automation implementation can double, maybe triple the lifetime customer value of any of your past, present, or future clients.

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