Switch Migration Calculator

Estimate how much your migration will cost.

How Many Contacts Do You Have?

The number of marketable contacts that you have in your database you wish to transfer to Groundhogg.

How Many Tags Do You Need Switched?

The number of tags/lists/segmentations you want to have re-implemented in Groundhogg.

Do You Need Ecommerce?

If you are using a WordPress ecommerce plugin like Woocommerce or Easy Digital Downloads then check this box.

How Many Emails Do You Need Switched?

The number of email templates you want to have re-written in Groundhogg.

How Many Funnels Do You Need Switched?

The number of automations/funnels/campaigns/workflows you want to have rebuilt in Groundhogg.

Your Estimate Migration Cost


* Estimate may not reflect the true cost of migration.

NOTE: $500 is automatically included in the total as a base cost for migration.

The rest of the cost is a factor of the total number of items which need to be migrated and whether or not you require Ecommerce.

The true cost of migration may be more or less expensive depending on which extensions you may need to achieve the desired result.

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