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Install Groundhogg by yuploading the plugin file to your WordPress site.

You will then be promted to setup Groundhogg by following a quick and simple setup guide.

Start Building Funnels

You'll be able to start building funnels and writing emails instantly! No purchase neccessary.

Use the pre-built teplates to get you started!

Launch, Grow, Scale

Wintess as your list grows and you reach more people. test and optimize your funnels and emails for maximum effect.

The sky is the limit!

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Take the Course Creator Essentials Course

Use Groundhogg to improve student retention and course completion rates with LearnDash, LifterLMS, and TutorLMS

Inspiration for Course Creators!

How To Get More 5 Star Reviews!

Everybody knows that they should be collecting feedback, but how do you land those stellar five star reviews? Here is our strategy that churns our one 5 star review for every 20 customers…

Best CRM and Marketing Automation for WordPress

Great team, great product, and works with all the key WordPress tools I’m using. So nice to be able to do broadcast emails, tagging, and marketing automation all from inside my WordPress website.” — Chris Badgett, CEO  LifterLMS

LMS Integrations

MemberPress Integration

Integrate MemberPress with Groundhogg to unlock amazing power to better segment and target your members with highly relevant marketing so you can generate more sales!

TutorLMS Integration

Use TutorLMS to share content with your students? Increase engagement and provide a better learning experience with Groundhogg.

Content Restriction

This add-on is the easiest way to quickly lock areas of your site from your contacts and subscribers, whether they are logged in or not!

LearnDash Integration

Use LearnDash for your courses? Create advanced student journeys with this Groundhogg & LearnDash integration.

LifterLMS Integration

Want to create an epic customer journey incorporating your learning experience? Using Groundhogg is the easiest way to automate an upgrade funnel, review campaign, or cross-sell automation when students interact with your courses.

Save $1,000s/yr by switching to Groundhogg!

Based on paying $200-$300/m for our leading competitor for 1 year

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