Email (and self-hosting) is now more critical than ever.

It’s never been more apparent that there is a need for a decentralized communication channel, and in today’s world, that’s email. In fact, email (and self-hosting) is now more critical than ever.

Before search and social media, we communicated through print and the spoken word. These days, much of the modern world communicates quite differently. We have introduced a middleman into the sharing of ideas — Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on.

These search and social media companies provide significant value, allowing billions of people to find and access helpful content, resonating voices, and entertainment. Those who leverage these platforms can, in 240 characters or less, amass hundreds of millions of followers who hang on the end of every hashtag. 

However, the ground on which these followings are built is not the concrete fortresses they are proclaimed to be, but rather a house of cards of which the slightest whisper can cause to fall to pieces.

Loose lips sink ships…

Not speaking carefully, among others, can result in dire consequences. 

Every post, comment, video, retweet, and interaction you make is tracked, scored, and used to decide whether your ideas should be elevated for others to see or suppressed so that they never see the light of day.

Ideas you might share that you thought were acceptable may no longer be. Words published years ago may come back to cause you turmoil. People may disagree with your ideas, and they may disagree strongly.

Unlike print or verbal speech, it’s no longer the public that decides whether ideas are good or bad. The middlemen decide, using their best judgment to determine whether your content is appropriate for their audiences.

Believe it or not, bias, regardless of whose it is, exists as a core component of search and social media giants. That bias can and does influence who can see your ideas, or even if your ideas can be shared on their platforms at all.


Zero. You have Zero followers.

But how can that be, it says 4K above my bio!

Maybe I should be more specific. X number of Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube followers also follow you.

All followers on social spaces belong to the platform. You have no intrinsic right to communicate with them outside of the platform or bring them to other platforms.

If any search or social giant decides your content or ideas are no longer acceptable, they can simply remove you. There is no appeal process, there is no recourse. Access to your following has been permanently severed.

Shared followings are a liability.

Not only do your social followers belong to the platform where they follow you, but they can be easily manipulated by forces outside of your control.

Your followers may choose to leave the platform, not because of something that you did, but for a variety of other reasons. 

Some examples include wanting a “social media break”, deleting an app because they favour a different social media platform more, disliking the changes that are made to the platform, or having a disagreement with someone else on that platform. 

One recent example is Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Some users of the platform are continuing to delete their accounts because they disagree with new changes that are coming to Twitter. 

This disagreement, which has nothing to do with you, can cause a great loss of your social following. 

So what can you do?

If you want to truly have control over what reaches your audience, with no fear of losing access to your following or having your followers leave for reasons outside of your control, you still have options. 

Email (and self-hosting) remains the only truly decentralized communication channel that gives users ultimate control of their experience. Email allows you to choose who you want to hear from, and what you want to publish.

As a decentralized system, it means that there is no government or big tech oversight hindering or limiting your ability to share ideas.

None of this is to say that you should ignore social media, it remains a crucial communication channel to find and reach audiences. But you shouldn’t solely rely on it, because the rug can get pulled out from under you.

To set up your own digital communication fortress, all you need is…

  • A website
  • A CRM to keep track of your subscribers
  • An SMTP service
  • Something of value to share

You must start converting your social followers into email subscribers! With Groundhogg, you can easily build your list and keep them connected and engaged through email.

To get started with Groundhogg you can:

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