New unsubscribe features in Groundhogg 3.4 & more!

Groundhogg 3.4 unsubscribe email

Groundhogg 3.4 is here! This new update comes with some new features that will make our product’s usability even smoother. This includes new unsubscribe features and UTM Parameters support in emails.

Here’s what you need to know:

💔 Know why subscribers are unsubscribing!

We’ve completely revamped the preferences center and changed how contacts unsubscribe.

Unsubscribing is still easy and obviouswe don’t want to make it more difficult for people to unsubscribe, but now you can collect information on why they are unsubscribing.

During the unsubscribe process, contacts will have the opportunity to provide the reason they’re unsubscribing, as well as some written feedback.

Hopefully, this will help you send better email and be more in tune with your audience.

Groundhogg 3.4

The feedback will be available in several locations.

  • Unsubscribe events will show in the contact activity timeline.
  • You can toggle the unsubscribe date, reason, and feedback columns in the contacts list.
  • There is a new chart, “Unsubscribe Reasons,” in the contacts report screen.
  • You can filter the contacts list by unsubscribe reason using the unsubscribe filter.

🔗 UTM Parameters support in emails

You can now specify UTM parameters that will apply to all site links in your email.

In the email editor, navigate to the Advanced tab and open the UTM Parameters panel.

You will be able to specify all your UTM parameters from there, including Source, Campaign, Term, Medium, and Content.

Groundhogg 3.4

📜 Archive pages for broadcasts!

With the introduction of the Campaign Management screen in 3.4, you have the option to make campaign archives publicly visible. Meaning you can share them with non-subscribers to be viewed on your site.

Public campaign archives will list all the sent broadcasts related to that campaign. Funnels and email templates will not be included, and campaigns are hidden by default.

There is a Campaigns Archive screen that shows a list of all public campaigns.

Click on a campaign to see the archive of available broadcasts.

Because these are public they can be shared on social media or sent as a direct link, without the recipient needing to be a subscriber.

Groundhogg 3.4

Broadcasts not associated with a public campaign will not be accessible via the archives.

Here’s the complete changelog for Groundhogg 3.4:

  • IMPROVED New unsubscribe features!
    • Instead of link options, there is now an unsubscribe form in the preferences center.
    • The form collects standard reasons for unsubscribing, as well as optional written feedback.
    • Responses are compiled into the Unsubscribe Reasons chart in the contacts report.
    • Unsubscribe reasons and feedback can be viewed in the activity timeline, contacts list, and exported.
    • For users of the one-click unsubscribe feature, the option to offer feedback is provided after they’ve unsubscribed.
    • Go to to see what subscribers will see.
  • ADDED Campaigns management in the admin. Edit, delete, etc…
  • ADDED You can now create public campaign archives.
  • ADDED Shortcode to embed email content into posts.
  • ADDED UTM Parameters support in the email editor.
  • FIXED Contact activity timeline sometimes not loading.
  • FIXED Missing strings in the POT file.
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Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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