Are you adding “quick links” to your email footer?

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Have you ever seen an email from Russel Brunson from ClickFunnels? It’s a very flashy affair, I don’t think anyone would disagree. I prefer more subtle communications, but then again it’s hard to argue with results, I think Russel has proven that.

One of the things that best identifies his emails is the footer, which could be a whole email unto its own.

Here are a couple snapshots from recent emails I received from them.

This shows up in the footer with every signal email he sends. Now, I find it a bit over the top, but I guess it depends on your audience. 

Here’s our own version, it’s much more subtle.

Why it works…

There are a few reasons why adding these “alternative calls to action” are a good idea.

It’s great for new customers. New customers who are just learning about your services and products may not know about all the options or points of interest in your organization, and they may not be patient to wait for every single email over a period of days to tell them. “Quick Links” gives them the option to explore!

Not everyone will resonate with your main call to action. Your main call to action may not be for every recipient, so having some backup options is a great way to ensure you keep people engaged!

It promotes your other channels and educates customers! Not all your customers may be aware you have an affiliate program, a Twitter account, or complementary products. If you don’t let them know it exists, they’ll never find out! Adding links to your other channels in the email footer makes them discoverable.

But won’t more links distract people from the main call to action?

I don’t believe so, at least the reports don’t show that. If you see no one is engaging with your main CTA, I’d wager it has more to do with the sexiness of the call to action than the links in the email footer.

Will adding more links in the email footer affect my email deliverability?

Yes and No. The number of links certainly has an effect on deliverability, but the reality is your emails will most likely end up in the promotions folder anyway for other factors such as your SMTP service, HTML markup, keywords in your email and more.

So if they end up in promotions anyway, might as well go all in on writing the most engaging email possible.

Using Groundhogg? Here’s how to add quick links to your email footer.

Adding quick links to your email footer in Groundhogg only takes a minute! Just make sure you know what you want to link first.

Go to the Email Settings in the Groundhogg settings menu and scroll till you see the footer editor.

Then save your changes and every email sent by Groundhogg will now have that footer in it, easy!

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Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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