Groundhogg 3.3 – Here Are All The Awesome New Features

Groundhogg 3.3

Groundhogg 3.3 is here! This new update comes with some new features that are meant to make our product’s usability even smoother.

What can you expect? Our text editor block is now inline, we have some new email testing methods, improved list-unsubscribe support and more.

Text editor block is now inline

Groundhogg 3.3

We received some feedback from users that they would start typing in a text block without clicking the edit content button. That’s not a great user experience!

So now, when editing text blocks in the email editor, the WYSIWYG editor will now appear inline with the content, rather than in a modal.

The content in the editor also gets updated live with the style settings when they’re changed, so overall it’s a greatly improved editing experience.

We also moved the inspector controls and toolbar to the right of the content area so that it doesn’t cover your text content while editing.

New email testing methods

Groundhogg 3.3

Our support desk keeps getting emails from users who are confused that their tracking links are not working when sending test emails. Fair enough, it’s not obvious that regular test emails do not create working tracking links. 

In 3.3 we’ve added a new test method called Functional Test which when selected will simulate a real email from the testing tool in the email editor.

When only testing inbox compatibility and design, you can use the default Design Test method.

Additional date ranges for date filters

Groundhogg 3.3

We’ve added two new ranges for date filters. Last 14 days and Last X days.

When using the Last X days range, you can set a specific number of days, like Last 21 days for 3 weeks.

You can also change the logic of the date filter from is or is not in the range adding additional flexibility.

Improved list-unsubscribe support

We’ve improved the List-Unsubscribe feature to track unsubscribes from funnels and broadcasts when using the One-Click unsubscribe feature (currently only supported by GMail).

There is now a setting to send email unsubscribe notifications to a custom email address in Groundhogg > Settings > Email > Unsubscribe.

We’ve also introduced developer filters for 3rd parties, as well as our addons, to provide custom handling of the mailto List-Unsubscribe method.

If you have no idea what any of this means, you can read up on it here.

Our Advanced Features addon will offer an automated email unsubscribe notification handline for you!

Here’s a complete changelog for Groundhogg 3.3

  • ADDED Alternate email testing methods. Design for inbox compatibility testing or Functional to simulate a real email send.
  • ADDED Last/Next 14 days and Last/Next X days ranges for date filters.
  • ADDED Setting to enable sending unsubscribe notifications to a custom email address.
  • ADDED Filters for the List-Unsubscribe header so it can be hijacked by custom implementations.
  • TWEAKED Made the text block editor inline rather than a modal.
  • TWEAKED Made the editor replacements button an MCE toolbar widget.
  • TWEAKED Moved the email editor block inspector and inspector toolbar to the right of the email content.
  • TWEAKED Email previews in the editor will ignore conditional blocks and show all content.
  • TWEAKED Bounce inbox IMAP settings are hidden if using API based outgoing email service.
  • IMPROVED UI of sending email templates from the contact record.
  • IMPROVED UI of adding a contact to a funnel from the contact record.
  • IMPROVED Fallback event and contact tracking when tracking cookie is not working.
  • IMPROVED The One-Click List-Unsubscribe unsubscribe endpoint requires a token.
  • IMPROVED The One-Click List-Unsubscribe endpoint tracks the unsubscribe to the associated funnel or broadcast.
  • FIXED If more than 25 emails in a funnel they were not all preloading.
  • FIXED List-Unsubscribe header not working in iCloud because iCloud does not decode it properly.

Groundhogg 3.3 became available on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

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