New Contact Record User Interface in Groundhogg 2.6!

Groundhogg 2.6 officially released 10:30 AM Feb 22 along with simultaneous updates for Companies, Sales Pipeline, Custom Fields. We always recommend backing up your site before updating.

Groundhogg 2.6 is another big step towards a much friendly and easier-to-navigate user interface that enables Groundhogg users to truly understand their customers.

We focused primarily on the contact record for 2.6 giving it a major refresh. You’d barely recognize it! We’ll be using much of what we learned and developed for it in our new Email editor and funnel editor in subsequent updates.

There are also a few other goodies that you’ll benefit from including contact merging, better multilingual support, and lots of bug fixes and improvements.

We’ve been using 2.6 on for at least 3 weeks now and we’re pretty pleased with its performance thus far.

All improvements

  • NEW UI for the contact record
    • Condensed design to fit more on the screen, less scrolling.
    • Custom field management is now FREE and part of Groundhogg core! _If you have created custom fields previously with the Custom Field Management addon you will have to update the addon and the custom fields will be refactored._
    • Additional contact methods including email addresses and phone numbers.
    • Improved tag picker is very user friendly.
    • Activity timeline shows all events and activity in order.
    • Improved file box management.
    • Notes get more space and support media.
    • Edits are saved via the API, no page reloading!
    • Custom tabs are backwards compatible.
  • ADDED Contact merging!
  • ADDED New guided setup onboarding procedure
  • ADDED Support for multilingual sites by saving the contact locale and switching to their locale when necessary.
  • ADDED When adding a contact via the admin you can opt them into GDPR requirements.
  • ADDED CRM data reassignment when deleting users that are CRM users.
  • ADDED Option to delete associated contact records when deleting users from the admin.
  • ADDED Cron job fallbacks in the event of cron task failure
  • TWEAKED when a form is submitting via AJAX and is in an iframe, the iframe will be resized to show any messages.
  • TWEAKED all jQuery removed from the form ajax submission script.
  • TWEAKED all jQuery removed from the fullframe script.
  • FIXED Search filters which may have been saved, and then settings get corrupted will show a “corrupted filter” notice instead of crashing, which you’ll be able to delete.
  • FIXED fullframe.js conflicting with the forms iframe script causing console errors.
  • FIXED fullframe.js made to be compatible with plugins which optimize iframes.
  • FIXED Replacement code regex will not span multiple lines.
  • FIXED Search issues with custom checkbox fields.
  • REMOVED Company/Business details in favour of adding them to the Companies addon since these fields are usually unused unless the companies addon is installed.

The highlights

Here are the biggest changes you’ll notice!

The New Contact Record

The new contact record screen is a massive improvement over its predecessor. The nice thing is that all the info cards, as well as any custom tabs that you may have implemented, are all backwards compatible which was a bug requirement for us!

New contact record UI adds a new Activity Timeline, more space for file management and notes, and a condensed fields area.

The new UI is all API powered, so that means changes take effect instantly and there is no page reloading when saving changes.

The tag picker is now much more user-friendly and color-coded to make tag management easier.

New tag picker shows color-coded tags to help you keep better track of what you’re adding and removing.

And the biggest addition is the Activity Timeline which will show you contact activity chronologically. It will show all email and funnel activity, site history, form submissions in more! Eventually, many of our addons will add their own activity information such as orders for WooCommerce, course details, membership details, etc.

Better Custom Field Management

Custom field management is being merged with the core plugin, meaning it will be free moving forward. Any custom fields and tabs made with our paid Custom Field Management Addon will be refactored into a new format supported by the core plugin. The addon is being deprecated and removed from sale.

We felt that the requirement of going in between the contact record and settings to create custom field UIs was slow and clunky, so we completely changed the way you create custom fields.

Custom field management is being moved to the core plugin and can be accessed from the contact record.

Now you create tabs, sections, and custom fields directly from the contact record so you can edit them on the fly while editing a contact. It all happens on 1 screen.

Contact merging

Duplicate contacts can now be merged! Missing data will be updated and the most recent data will be taken as correct. All activity, notes, files, and orders and associations will be preserved.

You can merge contacts from the contact record by selecting which contact record you want to merge with.

Merge duplicate contacts from the contact record

Want to try it out?

You can test out the latest Stable Beta version now!

Download Groundhogg 2.6

As with most BETA versions, we recommend you install on a staging site or development site and not on your production install.

Picture of Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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