What’s New in Version 2.2

We’re very excited for 2.2. This update is paving the way for Groundhogg’s future with intuitive and detailed reporting. that rivals event the most sophisticated SaaS platforms.

The updated reporting dashboard will provide small businesses with the information they need to make informed decisions about their sales and marketing!

We also changed a few other things in 2.2 and added some exciting features to extensions now that 2.2 is available.

Let’s break them down one by one!

All new reporting experience!

The new dashboard is here to provide you with detailed analysis of Groundhogg’s performance.

Unlike the old reports, these new ones will show data trends so you can see what’s working, and what’s not working.

There are many new reports to dive into, but I’m going to select a few of my favorites to show you.

Funnel email performance.

Of the emails you’ve sent from a funnel in any given time range, you can see how those emails are performing at a glance.

Below, we can see that many of our onboarding emails are doing very well, but two of them (right) have < 10% click thru rate.

This tells us that the CTA in those two emails is not strong enough, thus we can now improve them.

Optin status & email statistics.

In 2.2 Groundhogg has begun tracking optin status changes for contacts, so we can see who unsubscribes and when, as well as when emails bounce or are marked as spam by contacts.

It’s also easy to see your overall open and click thru rates and keep tabs on your email sending activity.

All new funnel reporting.

2.2 brings an all new funnel reporting experience! We have removed the old toggle report from the funnel editing screen and have replaced it with a comprehensive breakdown of the funnel in the new dashboard.

In 2.2 you can select a “conversion step” for a funnel. This allows us to calculate a conversion rate based on the number of contacts who entered the funnel and completed the conversion step.

So if you have a funnel with a product purchased benchmark, you can quickly get a percentage of people who entered the funnel and bought a product!

Web form performance.

The new Forms report will show you web form performance at a glance.

You will be able to see total & unique impressions, submissions and the conversion rate of any active Groundhogg forms.

Improved broadcast report.

The new broadcast report has been improved to show some new numbers!

  • The number of unsubscribes caused by the email.
  • The total number of clicks
  • The number of unique clicks

Allowing you to make better decisions when it comes to sending email blasts and the type of content your audience likes.

Event queue speed improvements.

This change is a bit more technical. An issue we were facing was that the event queue was getting to large because we are storing completed events indefinitely, causing speed reductions.

So what we’ve done is create a new database table which is a COPY of the existing events table. What will happen now is one table will store historical data for reporting, while the new table will act as the event queue table.

Completed events will be moved to the historical data table and removed from the event queue, meaning the event queue can stay small and fast over time!

New extension manager plugin!

With 2.2 now released, we also have a new plugin to help you manage your Groundhogg extensions and licensing!

You can download the new Groundhogg – Helper extension to quickly install and license extensions from the WordPress dashboard.

This makes it super convenient for agencies on the go, install one plugin instead of installing a dozen!

Picture of Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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