Groundhogg Day 2023: Meet More Of Your Amazing Speakers

We are excited to announce the second annual Groundhogg Day, taking place on February 2, 2023.

Since starting Groundhogg, our sole aim has been to equip small business owners and agencies with better, accessible tools and strategies that make it simple to launch, grow, and scale their businesses.

This year, we are making the ultimate pun and taking the next step forward in providing epic value for small businesses and agencies by hosting a full-day training event.

We’ve rounded up a super panel of experts in the Creator Economy, Agency Building, Marketing and Sales, Customer Experience Optimization, and more!

Here are just some of our amazing speakers that you’ll be able to learn from:

Francisco Opazo: BuddyBoss

Growth Marketer, Community-Led Growth Advocate, and WordPress Founder. Currently Director of Growth Marketing @buddyboss

What you’ll learn: How small businesses can increase revenue using online communities

The idea is to help small business owners or agencies with productized services to use a community-led growth approach to scale their revenue, increase the value that each customer generates and increase the awareness and word of mouth about their brand or products without using money on expensive ads or marketing gurus.

This talk includes examples of current businesses using community-led growth at the center of their growth and practical steps to get started if you, as a small business owner still on the fence.

Take home your strategy and actionable steps to launch your customer’s community in less than 30 days.

Maestro Stevens: Iconic Templates

Maestro Stevens, the owner of The Iconic Expressions, is a brand webmaster who helps entrepreneurs learn the skills they need to build and grow a sustainable online business.

While working with small businesses, Maestro has gained 8+ years of industry experience in marketing strategist and branding specialist roles.

What you’ll learn: Building a video marketing machine with WordPress and PrestoPlayer

In this presentation, you will learn how to harness the power of video marketing to boost your online presence and drive conversions. We will demonstrate how to use WordPress and Groundhogg with PrestoPlayer, a powerful video/audio plugin, to create a seamless and effective video marketing system.

Throughout the presentation, you will learn how to:

To increase website traffic and conversions, utilize PrestoPlayer’s features, such as video customization, lead generation, and video optimization.

Integrate PrestoPlayer with Groundhogg to create powerful marketing and sales automation.

Measure the success of your video marketing campaigns with PrestoPlayer’s and Groundhogg’s analytics features.

Sunir Shah: AppBind

I run the Agency Connect Cocktails community. For several years, I’ve been asking agencies one question… “How have you made your agency a sustainable business?” Nothing is more difficult than scaling revenue at an agency because more revenue means more payroll, which needs to turn over the month after.

Out of this effort, I created AppBind, a simple tool to help build productized services by making it easy to bundle stacks of software and ad accounts.

What you’ll learn: How real agencies escape The Scalability Trap

Nothing is more difficult than scaling revenue at an agency because selling labor is risky! More revenue means more payroll, which needs to turn over the month after.

For several years, I’ve been asking agencies in the Agency Connect community one question… “How have you made your agency a sustainable business?”

I’ll get into the gory details real agencies are using.

* What business metrics do profitable agencies track religiously to keep in the black?
* What strategies are working?
* Is growth the only goal? Can you ever retire?

Picture of Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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