Groundhogg Day 2023: Meet Some Of Your Amazing Speakers

We are excited to announce the second annual Groundhogg Day, taking place on February 2, 2023.

Since starting Groundhogg, our sole aim has been to equip small business owners and agencies with better, accessible tools and strategies that make it simple to launch, grow, and scale their businesses.

This year, we are making the ultimate pun, and taking the next step forward in providing epic value for small businesses and agencies by hosting a full-day training event.

We’ve rounded up a super panel of experts in the Creator Economy, Agency Building, Marketing and Sales, Customer Experience Optimization, and more!

Here are just some of our amazing speakers that you’ll be able to learn from:

Kris Britton: KAYBE

Kris Britton is the CEO and founder of ‘mega-marketing’ company, KAYBE. A serial entrepreneur, heading up a team of experts who help brands drive tangible revenue growth.

What you’ll learn: How to leverage hyperpersonalisation in Groundhogg to increase conversions.

Most small businesses, especially in the B2C market, don’t know where to start when trying to win more business from the big fish in the same pond. Groundhogg’s hyperpersonalisation features give you the opportunity to challenge larger businesses and grow from a market challenger to a market leader; utilizing your data to implement an Account Based Marketing strategy.

In this session, you will learn how you can achieve a hyperpersonalised approach; ensuring that your clients receive a completely unique and tailored experience. Create meaningful interactions, meet expectations, and evolve your marketing and engagement to cater to each specific customer’s journey.

Kathy Zant: KadenceWP

Kathy is the Director of Marketing for KadenceWP and has been working with WordPress for over a decade. She has both technical and marketing experience and has worked with a number of brands in the WordPress space. She’s helped organize both WordCamp Phoenix and WCUS and loves helping people do more with WordPress and web development.

What you’ll learn: How your agency can deploy client projects faster with design libraries using Kadence

Kadence is one of the most exciting things happening in WordPress right now. It’s more than a theme, more than just the most innovative blocks plugin. Kadence is an ecosystem that helps agencies improve their workflows and create additional streams of revenue. Core to this ecosystem is Kadence Cloud, a simple plugin that does so much.

With it, you can create design libraries that inherit from theme settings that can be repurposed across client sites or used for lead generation. You can even create libraries that can be sold easily to provide additional streams of revenue.

In this talk, Kathy demonstrates how Kadence Cloud works and showcases some case studies of how smart entrepreneurs are using Kadence Cloud to sell design libraries for additional revenue streams and even how GiveWP is using Kadence Cloud to give nonprofits fast and easy ways to build out donation pages through the GiveWP Cloud Library.

Paul Tobey: TrainingBusinessPros

Master of the piano. Marketing connaisseur. Emerging content creator on YouTube. Certified Trainer.

What you’ll learn: YouTube is a Gold mine! But many find fools gold. Is it for you?

Before you decide to jump into the YouTube game, let me share 3 things.

1. I will share with you the raw and unedited truth about what is really involved in marketing on YouTube.

2. Learn the SEO benefits & cash involved.

3. I’ll show you how Groundhogg elegantly fits into this big picture.

By the end of this training, you will have enough knowledge to know if being a Content Creator is for you!

Picture of Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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