Use a Webhook in Groundhogg to Enroll a Contact in Thrive Apprentice Courses

Are you looking to enroll a contact in Thrive Apprentice courses? With Groundhogg, it’s extremely simple to do. It only takes three steps.

There are a few requirements you need before getting started. So make sure you have:

How To:

Step One: Create a funnel in Groundhogg

Go to Groundhogg > Funnels > Click the [ Add New ] button.

On the right click the [ Start from scratch ] button.

Give the funnel a name like “Enroll Contact into Thrive Apprentice Course funnel.”

You will need to start with a Benchmark, in this example, we’ll use the “Tag Applied” benchmark and use a tag like “Enroll in Apprentice Course.”

Anytime a Contact has the tag “Enroll in Apprentice Course” added to them they will be added to this funnel.

Next, Click the [ Add Step ] button and Actions > Developer and add the “webhook” action.

Step Two: Create a Thrive Automation

Start by Adding a Trigger > Incoming Webhook.

Copy the webhook URL and return to the Groundhogg Funnel.

Enter the URL into the Target URL and add a payload using Key:Value pairs.

In our example, we’ll use first_name for the key and a replacement code {first} as the value. Also, email for the key and a replacement code {email} as the value.

Add first_name and email as incoming data in the trigger. Save the trigger by clicking the [ Done ] button.

Step Three: Give User Access to the Course

Add another action using the plus button.

We now want to give the user,  whose data we just received, access to our course. So we’re going to create an account for them (or match their info to an existing account) using this data by selecting the Find or Create User action.

Select the Subscriber role.

Add another action using the plus button.

This time we’re going to “Grant access to product”.

Choose the course that they’ll be enrolled in.

Optionally you can now add another action to add the user and their info to your autoresponder/email marketing tool. You can add another action to tag the user.

Name this automation, publish it, and save. Done!

Want to get started with Groundhogg?

To get started with Groundhogg, you can:

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to shoot us a message!

Picture of Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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