Groundhogg’s all-new Search Filters enable you to find more business, faster!

Groundhogg 2.5 release date is August 11th, 2021

The most critical requirement of a CRM is the ability to collect data. Any CRM that makes it difficult to do that isn’t really a true CRM.

What separates a good CRM from a truly excellent CRM is how easy it is to search the data you collected to find potential new business.

Groundhogg 2.5 introduces Groundhogg’s all-new search filters system, a true leap forward for searching and segmentation not only in Groundhogg, but in all of WordPress.

Designining the new filters system.

When we announced Groundhogg 3.0, we knew that contact search was going to be at the top of our improvement list. The current search was limited in its ability to create advanced and granular queries to enable deep insights into your list.

We also got dozens of feature requests for new kinds of search filters, to add AND/OR conditions, and the ability to search by data in other plugins too!

It was clear from the get-go that a ground-up redesign of the contact search would be required.

We set out a few criteria for what the new search would look like and how it would behave to maximize the user’s ability to access the information they needed.

  • It had to be readable, meaning that a search filter could be compacted into a clear sentence so its function was obvious
  • It had to be localized, so that all languages can take advantage of the power of Groundhogg search
  • It had to be compact, we didn’t want the search to take up a ton of room on the screen like the old one
  • It had to be fast, we don’t want to wait around 3 seconds for an ajax call to render something
  • It had to be clever, a real need exists to support AND/OR conditions and the ability to reuse filters
  • It had to be extendible, we want third party devs to be able to take advantge of the APIs we built to add their own filters
  • It had to be simple, the UX had to be so obvious a total novice could find a needle in a haystack

With all that thought out we set to work about designing the layout, and the backend to support such requirements.

Introducing the new Groundhogg Search Filters!

The final product is something you’d expect from an enterprise-level CRM you’d pay $1,000s a month for. It is truly the perfect combination of simplicity and flexibility.

You are able to…

  • Use AND/OR logic to create complex search queries
  • Reuse multiple filters for granular control
  • Access data even outside of Groundhogg’s CRM to filter your contacts
  • Search based on recent contact activity
  • See filters in a human readable format
  • Save filters to reuse in multiple locations

We even made other plugins’ data searchable.

Not only did we enhance the experience of search within Groundhogg, but we improved the search for other top-shelf WordPress plugins as well.

Let’s say you have a WooCommerce site and you want to find all the customers who’ve spent over $100 dollars. You couldn’t until today!

With the Groundhogg WooCommerce integration, you’ll be able to filter your contact list by product purchase history, total customer value, and the total number of orders.

In LifterLMS, you’ll be able to filter contacts by Membership enrollment and course enrollment, or whether they’ve completed a course.

And we have more!

  • Easy Digital Downloads: Filter by order history, customer value, number of orders, license status, subscription status
  • GiveWP: Filter by donor value, number of donations
  • LearnDash: Filter by course enrollment, course completed
  • BuddyBoss: Filter by group membership, profile type, extended profile fields
  • And more on the way!

The data is there, it just hasn’t been accessible until now. But with Groundhogg you’ll be able to finally use it to find new business and reach your customers in a new way.

How does this help your business?

In so many ways!

If you’re a nonprofit, now you’ll be able to find those on your list who have donated above and beyond and reward them, or ask them to donate more if you need emergency funds. You’ll also be able to see those on your list who have not donated in some time and target them for future marketing.

If you’re an e-commerce business, you’ll be able to identify high-priority customers and engage them to increase their spending habits or target people on your list who haven’t spent any money.

If you’re a course creator or community builder, you’ll be able to target people on your list with extreme accuracy and market to them based on their interests and level of engagement. You’ll also be able to target inactive users and get them to re-engage.

These new search filters open the flood gates to hundreds of business opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Where you’ll see search filters in the future!

The new search filters are going to be much more useful than just searching as well. We will be replacing the current conditional logic builder with them in 3.0 giving you much more criteria and flexibility to design complex funnels.

You’ll also be able to create saves searches and use those searches to create custom reporting dashboards. For example, you’d be able to create a report for everyone who has a certain tag at any given time and see the change of that report over time.

This new update puts Groundhogg at the forefront of information accessibility, making it the best CRM and Marketing Automation tool for those that need more access to their data.

Picture of Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey

Adrian is the founder and lead developer of Groundhogg. He believes that marketing automation should be simple and accessible so any business can use it to grow.

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